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5 Tiny Travel Tools that Will Make Your Life Easy

Tiny travel accessories can be a lifesaver to keep within your reach. I thought I should talk more about them here, especially about the electronics and safety gear. So, here are five tiny travel tools that you can either carry with you or have on your keychain that will make your life easier. 1. Flashlight Flashlights might seem unimportant now since every phone has one, but they can still come in handy at night. If your phone battery dies or your phone is in your back, you can still rely on your flashlight. Mini flashlights on keychains are one of the oldest hacks. They take up next to no space and are handy at all times. Unlock the door on a poorly lit porch, enter the bathroom in an unfamiliar place, or navigate a poorly lit alleyway, your keychain flashlight is a savior!...